Tom Leamon

The Clock Shop
An Exhibition of New Works by Tom Leamon
18 -26th of May 2013
The 223 Club
137-139 Lower Marsh Street, London SE1 7AE

Affordable Art Fair

Thursday, 13th of June - Sunday, 16th of June 2013
Stand C2
Hampstead London

Vanessa Berberian

Thursday, 31st of January  - Sunday, 3rd of February 2013
Shoreditch Town Hall 
"Pregnant at Grandma's House After Her Death" as part of Salon Mashup: Armenian Perspectives of Displacement and Regeneration

Henrik Simonsen

25th of October - 15th of November 2012
Wally Findlay Gallery, New York
"Between Trees"  

Steve Miller

10th October - 23rd November 2012
Shizaru Gallery, London
"Bad for You" Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody
Artwork by Steve Miller was chosen for the exhibition