Clarice Morgan Nungurrayi

Clarice Morgan was born in Alice Springs, and she now lives at Mount Liebig. She has been painting for the Waityawanu Community Art Centre who have been successfully selling her work for many years. A highly talented artist in her own right, she comes from a long line of artists - her grandfather is Shorty Lungkata, and her step-father is Joseph Jarra. 

In March 2007, Clarice and Maureen Napaltjarri were selected by the Watiyawanu Art Centre to attend a highly successful group exhibition of leading Watiyawanu artists at Red Dot Gallery in Singapore, where all of her paintings were sold. As an artist in residence, she was proud to promote her culture through her artworks. 

Clarice paints very striking and intricate designs, with great movement and soul, usually depicting the country area around Mount Leibig. In the intricately dotted Sand Hills works, she creates striking Tali Tjuta (Big Mob Sand Hills) designs, of the harsh desert land near the country where her grandfather, Shorty Lungkata was born. She also paints her Grandmother's country with her family, north of Mount Leibig, and illustrates with heavy dotting the sand forced together by the wind, creating ripples in the sand. In these works she is conveys the traditional owners performing a ceremony to honour the Ancestral Beings of the Rain and Lightning Dreaming. 

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