In Charlotte Culot's paintings, space becomes colour and shape as richly textured compositions are layered with powdered pigments, gouache, pencil, pastel and sand.

A colourist above all, Charlotte's intention transcends aesthetics as she strives to communicate the inner expression of each work, an ethereal energy that emanates softly from beneath the surface of the painting. To stand in front of one of Charlotte’s paintings is to let oneself embark on a meditative journey.

Born in Belgium to modernist ceramicist and sculptor, Pierre Culot, and to multimedia artist, Michel Wynants, Charlottes lives and works in France, dividing her time between the seaside in Brittany and the foothills of Provence. Self-taught, she seeks inspiration from nature and her surroundings, from the discarded to the most humble of every day objects. 

Charlotte is also represented by galleries in the United States and France and has exhibited throughout Europe over the past twenty years.

Charlotte's work is featured in the private collections of several prestigious American and European collectors.

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